We invite artists and researchers to work in the residency on our research projects. Apart from that the residency is also open for applications via a continuous open call. Please send an open application or any questions to our email: residency (at)

Rent for the rooms to cover costs of the house are:
– The two big bedrooms 350 Euros/month.
– The small bedroom 200 Euros/month.

For longer or shorter time prices, please ask by email.


Prices include all the basic facilities, shared kitchen and bathroom, Internet, electricity and gas. The food of the visitors is a responsibility of the artists. There is a small shop in the village and the neighbours are organic farmers who have most of the year vegetarian food and eggs to sell. The rooms are heated with wood stoves and getting the firewood is responsibility of the visitors depending on how much they use. It is possible to make it themselves or buy from the village ready made. The main period that heating is required at nights is from December to mid March. The residency is open for families and partners of the residents. Let us know if your family or pets come along so we can agree and arrange it with the other residents. The coordinator and caretaker couple lives in the downstairs part of the house and are ready to help with any questions.