Benefits to artists

Because the residency does not have institutional or any external funding at the moment (we are working to change this), we cannot provide financial benefits to the artists and they must paying rent of the rooms. Therefore we try to provide as much other benefits and opportunities to our guest artists and researchers.

Performance and exhibition space

Apart from the mountain residency, we run a studio/rehearsal space in Limassol, which can be used by the residency artists as a performance or exhibitions space. It can also be used as a temporary accommodation in the city as well as a rehearsal studio for music, performance, theatre etc. More info:

Connections to local institutions, companies and artists

The residency work group is collaborating with several institutions, NGO’s, festivals, record labels, cinema production companies and artists in Cyprus and Europe. When artists or researchers come to the residency, we provide possibilities to meet and open possibilities with the local artists and institutions.

For example, some of our main collaborators are a contemporary art centre NeMe, who are combining academic research to contemporary arts and the choreographer/performance artist Lia Haraki and her company Pelma.

Depending on the needs and work of the artist, we are also happy to introduce them to the larger institutions, such as Nimac, which is the central contemporary art institution and gallery in Cyprus, as well as universities and NGOs connected to research and art. During their stay at the residency, artists can also meet local artists, musician, filmmakers, writers, event organisers etc. through our contact network.

Workshops and learning

We also organise possibilities to conduct workshops, which is a way to make money and share the artist’s work and knowledge. We are happy to help in facilitating the workshops and participate in setting them up and advertising. We can also share our knowledge in the disciplines we work in.