Creature Season -project

The Creature Season –project is a result of a larger project and institutional work. As the main umbrella project there is the Kammari project. The Kammari project facilitates and upholds the Kammari residency while the Creature Season is a research project organised as part of the residency program.

The Creature Season -project is a artistic and scientific long term research project that primarily takes place in the Kammari-residency. The name of the project comes from the proposed claim that we need a new relatedness to all living creatures, a task we perhaps best can answer to by challenging our current thinking, which is based on a complex consumer ideology, including our conscious, unconscious and emotional relatedness. This task starts from rethinking the interpersonal and experimenting with it to challenge how a certain destructive picture of humans, cognition, emotions, embodiment, society ethics etc. has come to determine a nowadays more or less global culture.

In practice, the Creature Season-project consists of four research processes that are each combined to an artistic practice: ideology/music, ethics/contemporary dance, ecology/environmental arts and technology/visual arts. The processes have as a basic unifying premise, that the core of the problem in each area originates in relations between humans.

Each process has its own coordinators, and while independent, they converse with each other and together form a holistic critique and rethinking of current hegemonic understandings and conceptions. Each year forms an organised and planned whole, which include publications, performances and exhibitions every six months.

Some background to Creature Season

It is quite evident that modern civilisation has established, or rather inherited and reorganised, at its ideological core central dichotomies that inform its very drive. Amongst these are the well known oppositions of rationality (of which modern natural science is usually the prime representative) and irrationality (which often includes concepts like “emotions”, “religion”, “tradition” etc.), mind (thought/freedom) and body (emotions, mechanisms), culture (humans) and nature (animals included) and the way gender oppositions have been embedded in these dichotomies. It is hence unavoidable that the Creature Season -project strongly tackles with these well known dichotomies, although persistently trying to locate the underlying motivations and drives informing their formations.

More information on the research processes in their own page here.