The residency spaces include facilities for research and art practices, a DIY music studio, performance space and basic fine art facilities. There are also hand tools and necessities for artisan work and maker practises, in collaboration with a local handicraft collective Dio Dio. The surroundings include a large garden and an orchard that can both be used by the guests.

See the Photos – residency -page for images of the spaces.

The old stone house can accommodate up to 10 people. It has three rooms upstairs and two studios in both floors, which can also accommodate people temporarily for bigger groups.

We also run a studio/rehearsal space in Limassol, where it is possible to exhibit and perform works (limassol.kammari.org).

As it is a non-profit project, with everyone working voluntarily, the maintenance of the spaces in all aspects is the responsibility of the guests together with the hosts.

The residency house is an old stone house built mainly with traditional methods and materials, surrounded by several unique ecosystems of the Troodos mountain area. The house has electricity and internet, a functioning kitchen and bathroom, as well as a wood-heated sauna. Each room has a wood-heated stove for warming. The winter in the mountains lasts from December to March and requires active participation from the guests in heating the house, including collecting and making firewood.

The rent of the accommodation rooms are between 300 Euros and 400 Euros per month, depending on the size of the bedroom and the length of stay. The rent includes use of all the spaces and facilities, including the studio space in Limassol. There are no other fees. Please email residency (at) kammari.org for further details.