Previous guests

Here are some previous researchers and artists that have worked in the Kammari Residency and comments from them:

Matti and Vappu – filmmakers:

We had a great month in Kammari. The coordinators were very helpful and nice and it was easy to concentrate on working. If you like to explore the island the bus is cheap and goes every morning to Limassol or to the closest villages.

Eeva Putro – actress and writer:

I worked 6 weeks in the Kammari Residency. The DIY, ecological and socially open basis was a very relaxing and inspiring experience. Although the residency is in its beginning, everything worked with much flexibility and helpfulness. The house exists in an remote small village, in which working is ideal for a person who needs tranquility and concentration for their creative work.

Marja Björklund Рanimation maker:

Kammari residency was my first experience of Cyprus, and it was a very charming one! The residence, the small village around it and the Troodos mountains were a beautiful and quite peaceful backdrop to my work. I was especially inspired by the nature – the muflons and all the small critters, the nature trails and brooks, the fruits and flowers etc. The place is surrounded by nature.

Passepartout Duo – musicians:

Kammari Residency is among the experience that left the most unique mark in our memories. The community surrounding the residents don’t hesitate to go out of their way to help out whenever needed, and the moments spent celebrating with the rest of the village will stay with us forever and with gratitude.

Henna Kaikula – circus artist

Hannaz Ezzell – researcher and filmmaker

Maja Lindberg Schwaner – writer