Residency program info

Practical and application information for the Post-Fossil Creature -residency program for 2019-2020:

Duration of residency
The two yearly residency periods are the spring season from May to July and the autumn season from September to November. During these times it is possible to apply for a one month or full three month residency. Outside of these times it is also possible to negotiate an exceptional residency period. Please contact by email:

Disciplines and assistance
We aim to promote and facilitate artistic work and research in all disciplines.

We provide assistance to the artist in terms of connecting to other institutions, researchers and artists on the island. It is also possible to organise shows or performances, including in our space in Limassol: The hosts of the residency is available to assist with all practical questions.

Studios/work spaces and equipment

The residency has a small downstairs studio for performance and music work with basic equipment. Upstairs we have another studio for writing, painting and visual arts in general.

We have a wood workshop with basic hand tools. There is also a shared computer for internet access and writing. We have a cinema and art space in Limassol, where works can be exhibited. There it is also possible to construct larger scale works in collaboration with professional metal and wood workshops.

See the spaces in Photos.

Accommodation facilities include three rooms in the residency house.

For selected artists there are no other costs than the accommodation. The rent is the only cost for the selected researchers and artists and includes all the basic facilities: shared kitchen and bathroom, internet, electricity and water. The rents are 300-450 Euros per month, depending on the room. Buying food, fire wood and personal necessities is the responsibility of the guests.

All people working on the project are volunteers without salaries and the residency and the association administering it are not-for-profit. All income from rent goes to paying costs of the house.

Fees and grants
The residency is artist-run and we have no external funding at the moment. Thus we cannot provide the visiting artists and researchers with grants. In case we are granted external funding, grants for guests become possible. The residency does not charge any additional artist or application fees.

Expectations towards the researcher or artist
The artists or researchers at the residency are not expected to provide any predetermined results. We facilitate free research and artistic work, creating voluntary possibilities for public presentations or exhibitions. We collaborate with an art centre in Limassol that organises discussions, exhibitions and events with renown international guests ( We also run a cinema and art space in Limassol where exhibition of works is possible: ( The residency guests are encouraged to engage with the local and international researchers and artists.

Other conditions and practical information
The residency strives to have an ecologically sustainable material basis. Thus the facilities are simple with mostly natural materials and use of toxic chemicals is not possible etc.

There is a vegetable garden at the residency where the guests can voluntarily participate in and eat from. For buying food there is a vegetable and fruit shop in the near by village. For bread there is a bakery in the village. There are also young organic farmers in the village who, seasonally, have vegetables, fruits and eggs to sell.

The residency is open for families and partners of the guests. Let us know if your pets come along so we can agree and arrange it with the other guests. The residency hosts are ready to help with any questions.

The following link provides a pdf file for a practical information package on living at the residency and the village: Residency_info_pack