Post-Fossil Creature -residency program

The Post-Fossil Creature -residency program is meant for researchers, artists, artisans, writers, makers and post-makers, who are working on understanding the technological, fossil fuel generated, modern experience and/or imagining the period of transition to a post-fossil society. More details about the aims and ideas of the program in the Introduction -page.

The program is divided into two, three month long periods: May-July and September-November. Special residencies are also possible in the winter.

The founding purpose of the residency program is to combine research with contemporary art. The aim is to extend the theoretical to the realm of experience and vice versa, searching for neglected and overlooked aspects that in turn can advance our understanding and research. Examples of areas of interest are:

– Theoretical, psychological and experiential critique of the dominant contemporary ideology, especially in relation to technology and ecology.

– Artistic practices on the social, psychological and political aspects of our ideological predicament.

– Artistic practices on biology, geology, ecology, otherness, fossil fuels, the Anthropocene and science.

– Artistic practices concerned with critique of technology, dismantling/reusing technology and social impacts of technology.

We also work in collaboration with local artisans who are rehabilitating lost working methods that are based on sustainable, local materials and inter-generational skills.

The residency program also includes a studio/performance/exhibition space in the city of Limassol. The 80m2 Kammari Limassol space is available for the residency guests to work in, and publish/exhibit their work. More info:

Application information
The applications should include the CV/bio of the artist, the portfolio or examples of previous works (for example a link to a website) and a free form presentation or description of the project that the artist is going to be working on during the residency program. All this information should be provided by email: residency (at)

For more information on practical questions, fees etc., please visit the Residency program practical info -page.