The residency program

Description of the residency program
The Kammari residency for researchers, writers and artists works through a constant open call. We welcome you to apply at any time with a free form application by email to residency(at)

Duration of residency
The residency work period is from two weeks to three months.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
All art disciplines are welcome. Our own work in the residency concentrates in combining academic research with disciplines such as performance, film and poetry. However we aim to promote and facilitate artistic work and research in all disciplines. For painting and other visual arts all basic equipment are present as well as for handicraft works. We have a wood workshop with basic hand tools. There are also shared computers for writing, video and visual work. The natural mountain settings are ideal for work in disciplines or projects that require concentration.

See the spaces in Photos.

We provide assistance to the artist in terms of networking in the island to organise shows or performances. The residency hosts also assist in every practical question from transport and food to buying necessary equipment.

The residency has a studio for performance, dance and music work with basic equipment such as a sound system, mixer, amp, instruments, projector and recording/documentation possibilities. We have another visual art studio for painting and writing with basic tools for visual arts.

Accommodation facilities include three private rooms in the residency house.

Rent prices:
– Two double bedrooms with the rent of 400 Euros per month.
– A single room for 250 Euros per month.

The rent is negotiable depending on the project. The rent include assistance of the residency hosts and all the basic facilities: shared kitchen and bathroom, Internet, electricity and water. Buying food and the personal necessities is a responsibility of the guests.

The residency and the association administering it are not-for.profit and all income goes to paying costs of the house and maintaining the project.

Fees and support
The residency is artist-run and we have no external funding. Thus everyone involved with the residency works voluntarily and we cannot provide the visiting artists and researchers with grants at the moment. The only fees for the artist are the rent of the room and sharing basic mutual material costs such as gas for cooking, common food etc. The rent includes the structural costs like electricity and water.

Expectations towards the artist
The artists or researchers in the residency are not expected to provide any predetermined results. We happily facilitate works with the local community and presentations or exhibition of the artist’s works. We also collaborate with an art centre in Limassol who organises discussions, exhibitions and events with renown international guests (, which are opportunities to our guests to engage with the local and international researchers and artists.

Other conditions:
The residency is working on a voluntary basis and as ecologically sustainable as possible. Thus the facilities are simple, use of toxic chemicals is not possible and we wish for active participation in daily maintenance of the house.

For growing food there is a small vegetable garden of the residency where the guests can voluntarily participate in and eat from. For buying food there is a vegetable and fruit shop called Fruteria in the village that the residency collaborates with. There are also neighbours in the village that are organic farmers who seasonally have vegetables, fruits and eggs to sell.

The rooms are heated with wood stoves and getting the firewood is responsibility of the quests, assisted by the residency hosts. It is possible to participate in getting and preparing the wood or buy it ready made from the Fruteria. The main period that heating is required at nights is from November to mid March.

The residency is open for families and partners of the guests. Let us know if your pets come along so we can agree and arrange it with the other guests. The residency hosts live in the village and are ready to help with any questions.

Find in the following link a pdf file for rest of the rules and suggestion on living in the residency and the village: Residency_info_pack