The village and its ecosystems

The residency is located in a village called Treis Elies, at 800 meters altitude, in the Marathasa valley, west of the highest peak of Mount Olympus (1952m) in the mountain range of Troodos, Cyprus. The village has roughly 30 habitats all year round. The village is accessible daily by bus from Limassol. There is also a bus connection to Nicosia that leaves from a near by village daily.

The village is located next to the Paphos forest, the home for most wild life on the island. There are rich, varied and sensitive ecosystems in the area on different altitudes, which the residency actively aims to protect. The forest around is mostly pine trees, aspens and a cedar valley near by. A range of herbs and seasonal flowers such as roses are found in the area, especially near the water stream banks.

In the residency garden and the village there are several fruit and nut trees including mulberry, cherry, pomegranate, apple, walnut, fig and almond.

Apart from few young organic farmers, around the village conventional agriculture is practised with chemical fertilisers, toxic herbicide and pesticide use. The residency is participating with a local organic farmers initiative to move towards sustainable and natural cultivation and environmental protection practices.