The Kammari Residency is a project to transform a house in the mountains of Troodos, Cyprus, from an abandoned, 150-year-old traditional house, into a continuously evolving social and artistic installation and a residency for researchers and artists. We invite local and international artists to work, research, collaborate and create interventions, together with the local community and institutions. We aim to create new forms of inclusive and sustainable culture of exploring art practises and inspire critical thinking and research in the island.

The house in itself is a constantly evolving installation made by the Kammari Research Group and visiting artists. We make all the work on the house ourselves, using the traditional and natural materials, as much as possible. Thus the house is also an experimental, DIY, architectural and handcraft project, which facilitates all the other art forms. It is also a practical exploration into creating situation of ecologically and socially sustainable forms of living, as well as imagining future scenarios beyond the current industrial modernity, which is based on excessive use of finite fossil fuels.

The basis of our thinking, in term of the project, is briefly explained in the following introduction text: Introduction-page

More info on the group in the: Research group -page

Photos of the house in the: Photos-page