The residency includes facilities for research and art practices, possibilities for audio recordings, performing practises and basic fine art facilities. There are also hand and power tools and necessities for artisan work and maker practises. Local, sustainable handcraft works and projects are discovered in collaboration with a local handicraft collective Dio Dio.

There is also a shared computer for internet access and writing. There is average speed internet in the residency. The internet works best with Ethernet cable and thus adapters for Ethernet are recommended.

Studios/work spaces
The residency has a private downstairs studio, which is a combined bedroom, studio and kitchen, suitable for performance and music work.

Upstairs we have two bedrooms and a shared studio for writing, visual arts, music, etc.

It is also possible to construct larger scale works in collaboration with collaborating local metal and wood workshops.

See the spaces in Photos.

Accommodation facilities include two bedrooms upstairs and the bedroom/studio downstairs. The rent includes all the basic facilities. The rents are 350-400 Euros per month for the two bedrooms upstairs, depending on the size of the room. The downstairs bedroom/studio rent is 500 Euros per month. Buying food, fire wood and personal necessities is the responsibility of the guests.

The residency strives to have an ecologically sustainable material basis. Thus the facilities are built to follow ecological sustainability, which generally means simplicity with natural and biodegradable materials. Use of toxic chemicals, including the usual house hold chemicals, is not generally possible and requires special arrangements. The residency can provide organic or biodegradable alternatives to the usual house hold chemicals.

Heating works with wood stoves and water heating with gas. There is also a Finnish style sauna that is available to use.

There is garden at the residency where the guests can voluntarily participate in, as well as an ecologically grown small field for cultivation experiments.

See the Photos – residency -page for images of the spaces.