Practical info

Duration of residency
It is possible to apply from a one month to three month residency.

We aim to promote and facilitate artistic work and research in all contemporary art disciplines. So far there has been artist from performing arts, cinema, poetry, bio-art, contemporary circus and dance, visual arts and music.

Responsibility of the artist
We provide assistance to the artist in terms of research and artistic work, but the artist is fully responsible of all practical arrangements and costs of the stay in the residency. The residency is by default a space of individual responsibility of each quest, where maintenance of the house, cleaning etc. during the stay is responsibility of the quests. In case that doing this work is not possible for the artist, a special arrangement can be done. Please contact about this before arriving.

Fees and grants
The residency is artist-run and we have external funding only for specific projects. Thus we can provide grants and financial assistance only for artists and researchers who work on these specific projects. The residency does not charge any additional artist or application fees.

Expectations towards the researcher or artist
The artists or researchers at the residency are not expected to provide any predetermined results. We facilitate free research and artistic work, creating voluntary possibilities for public presentations or exhibitions. The residency guests are encouraged and facilitated to engage with the local researchers and artists.

For buying food, there is a supermarket in the near by village. For bread there is a young baker in the village who makes bread Wednesdays and Saturdays. Otherwise main groceries should be brought from the city or a bigger village on the way from the city.

The firewood for heating and the sauna is responsibility of the quests. They can be ordered before hand or collected and made. Ready made firewood for a month, with daily use, costs about 150 Euros.

Electricity, gas, water
Electricity, gas and water are provided and included in the rent. The water is drinkable and high quality as it comes from the mountain.

Laundry is washed by hand with organic detergents. There is no sewage system in the village and thus all chemicals and grey water go by default into the garden.

Partners and pets
The residency is open for families and partners of the guests. Let us know if your pets come along so we can agree and arrange it with the other guests. The residency hosts are ready to help with any questions.

Wild animals
It is prohibited to bring wild animals to the house, including the many wild cats. Domesticating wild animals results in dependencies that are dangerous for the animal when left alone again. Also the residency space is inclusive, which means in this case that people with allergies must have a animal free space, unless special arrangements are made.

Any questions, please contact by email: residency (at)